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Pure & Blends Teas

Enjoy a delicious pure loose leaf tea or blend.

Mixtures of fruits, flowers, herbs and spices.

The mixes our grandmothers used to cure countless ailments: stomach pain, relax, calm, lose weight, etc.

Sweet flavor and without theine.

Its red or green estems have has several heald benefits.

Loose Leaf Tea Online Shop, Celes-Thee

Looking for a loose leaf tea shop online? In our store Celes-Thee you can find the best loose leaf tea, rooibos and infusions of great quality and delicious blends.


A little more about the tea

Tea is a drink that is consumed all over the world and ranks second after water and has different names such as tcha, cha, tay, tee, but the Dutch were the first to translate its name to “thee”, since They were the first to make commercial exchanges between China and Europe, so almost all names have been derived from the word “thee”, such as tea, tea, thé …

There are many types and varieties of tea and this depends on its collection, blends and ways of preparation.
Regardless of the variety, tea is a great antioxidant, cleanser and digestive with great health benefits as it provides us with minerals, sodium, fluoride and vitamins.
Most of the studies that say that it improves cognitive abilities and helps to improve problems such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, not counting its capacities to capture free radicals, which prevents the appearance of cancer.

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A whole world of sensations, flavors and well-being for your body.

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