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We Are Celes-Thee.

Our company arises from the idea of offering a sustainable, innovative and high-quality product while maintaining a perfect balance of aroma and flavour.
We believe in fair and sustainable trade where peasants and their communities can be paid a benefit for their hard and laborious work with social and educational investment projects that will help improve their working and living conditions.
In our tea shop you find in a explaind catalogue with the best loose leaf teas (pure or blends), rooibos and infusions which have been subjected to numerous tastings to ensure that their characteristics and quality are the best.
We are always looking for new combinations of teas that are rich in aromas but also provide well-being and help in our daily life with energy and healthy.

Our Vision!


Quality products and responsible with the environment.


Sustainability and awareness for a better future.


Social commitment for a more just world.

Products in Our Tea Shop!

We have high standards and our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products.

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