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Quality Politics

Celes-Thee’s Food Safety and Quality Policy. Follows processes of verification of the levels of quality and food safety of the marketed product through the implementation of a Food Safety Management System.
We ensure quality and safety at all times.

The Celes-Thee Address. undertakes to:
• Develop and implement a Food Quality and Safety system, keeping the manuals and other documents that make up the system updated.
• Comply with all the legal requirements and standards required.
• Establish measurable quality goals and processes.
• Take customer satisfaction into account.
All staff members of the company will be aware of this Food Quality and Safety Policy.
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June 01, 2021

Quality System

Celes-Thee, offers a quality in all our products providing confidence and security for the consumer.
All our products, systems and processes are designed with clear standards and following all the necessary requirements of the management system for food safety, including the safety of our product and its production. Our clients can be sure that we implement all the standards stipulated in ISO 22000: 2005, an international standard whose standards are built on generally accepted principles for the safety of food in the food chain and focuses on the identification and prevention of risks in food safety through prerequisite programs and risk analysis and critical control points.

All of our products, herbal teas, fruit teas, rooibos, as well as all varieties of tea, black tea, green tea, red tea and white tea, have in common our demand in terms of quality, safety and purity.


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